Uki Bakery


Welcome to the Uki Bakery: Friendly Country Hospitality.   


It is hard to find a good old-style country bakery around these days, except in the heart of the small village Uki, in Northern New South Wales, Australia.  
The Uki Bakery is located in the Uki Hostoric Butter Factory and with fresh bread, pies, cakes biscuits and slices everyday, you cannot go wrong.  
Come in and talk to one of the friendly staff and enjoy the lovely tropical environment.

Uki Butter Factory.  
Kyogle Road, Uki.  
New South Wales 2484.  
Telephone:  (02) 6679 5838  
Opening Hours:  

Monday to Friday: 8am - 3.30pm.   
Saturday:  8am - 2pm. 
Sunday:  Closed, except for the 3rd Sunday of the Month (Uki Buttery Bazaar Markets), 9am - 2pm.