Uki Bakery


Delicious cakes, biscuits and slices: 


At the Uki Bakery, we sell delicious homemade traditional treats, perfect for any occasion. 
There are a wide range of refrigerated and non refrigerated treats, all made fresh daily. 

Some of the non-refrigerated goods include: 

  • Chocolate/ Coconut Slice. 
    Chocolate/ Hedgehog Slice. 
    Chocolate/ Cherry/ Coconut Slice. 
    Cream Horns.
    Nenish Tarts.
    Cream Donuts.
    Gingerbread Men.
    Orange and Poppy Seed Cake. 
    Chocolate Cake. 
    Apple and Cinamon Cake. 

    Some 0f the refrigerated goods include: 
  • Vanilla Slice.
    Apple Turnovers with Fresh Cream. 
    Caramel Slice. 
    Caramel Tarts.
    Custard Tarts. 
    Apple Pies, with or without Fresh Cream. 
    Plus, a large range of fresh muffins.