Uki Bakery


'Best Pies on the Gold Coast' - quote from customer, who calls himself Pie Coinsure...

The Uki Bakery's fresh pies have been called 'the best on the Gold Coast' and 'the best in Australia.  These pies are made from real meat and real vegetables.  With an amazing range of over 20 pies, between steak (meat), chicken and vegetarian, there is always one for everyones favourite taste. 
We also sell quiches, pasties, sausage rolls and spinach and fetta rolls. 
They pies can either be in regular size, or a large family size.  *Note* Family Pies (other than steak) must be ordered at least the day before pickup.     

Here is a list of our extensive range of pies, quiches, pasties and savoury rolls. 
Steak and Cheese. 
Steak, Bacon and Cheese.
Steak and Pea.
Steak, Potato and Pea. 
Steak and Onion. 
Steak Tomatoe and Onion.
Steak Chilli Cheese and Onion. 
Curried Steak. 
Steak and Mushroom. 
Steak and Kidney. 
Pepper Steak. 
Ned Kelly (Steak, Onion, Egg, Bacon and Cheese). 
Lamb and Rosemary. 
Chicken and Vegetable. 
Curry Chicken and Vegetable. 
Chicken Mornay. 
Cauliflower and Cheese. 
Asparagus, Corn and Cheese. 
Vegetarian Quiche.  
Quiche Lorraine.  
Vegetarian Pasties.  
Sausage Roll.  
Spinach and Fetta Rolls.